*Notice: Units may vary in brands.*
We will provide same layout as booked, Forest River brands vary. Most units are Salem or Grey Wolf, all by Forest River.

How it works:

To Make a Reservation

  1. Browse units and prices here

    • Determine your group size and needs

    • View photos and consider sleeping areas and size of units

    • Determine which units will work for you  

  2. Click "View availability and Reserve"

    • Enter dates to view the availability of the units

      • Tip: You can view the master calendar to see actual availability, often a small change in your dates can make large impacts on availability.

    • Choose unit and finalize your reservation request by following on screen prompts.

  3. Make your payment for the 50%  nonrefundable reservation fee to finalize your reservation. This can be done directly through site.

  4. The balance of your rental will be emailed to you via Quickbooks to pay.



Call Us with any questions


All rentals will incur a $75 cleaning charge which includes the below items

  • -Up to two hours of cleaning post rental

  • -Linens and comforter for the main bed

  • -Two towels

  • -One dish cloth

  • -Toilet paper

  • -Paper towels

  • -Basic cups, plates, bowls, silverware

  • -We DO NOT provide pots and pans or coffee makers.

Cancellation Policy

  • 50% Reservation Fee is non refundable in the event of cancellation for any reason. 

  • Cancellations made in 14 days or less will result in 100% charge of your total reservation cost.

  • RESERVATION DATE CHANGES: To ensure a fair booking availability for all customers any changes in reservation dates resulting in a shortened is non refundable.

Can I pickup the unit myself at your lot and drive it to the campsite?  We do not offer this service to anyone camping in the Tahoe Basin, We find that it is better for both parties to have us deliver and set the unit up directly in the campground.  However if you are leaving the Tahoe Basin we do allow this.  You must provide a proper tow vehicle with a working brake controller and a 7 pin round plug on your vehicle.  You must also provide a 2-5/16” ball for most units that is between 22” and 24” from the ground when on your vehicle measured to the top of the ball.  A form must be signed by your insurance provider that states that your vehicles liability insurance extends to a non owned travel trailer.  


Are pets allowed in your unit?  Yes, we are dog friendly. We charge $13 per night per pet for an additional cleaning fee to ensure the units are brought back to our high standard of cleanliness.  Pets are never allowed on sleeping areas and should never be unsupervised in the units.  Any damage cause by the pets can still be charged against security deposits.  You can select the pet option when making bookings.  Any evidence of pets without our prior knowledge will forfeit security deposits in the amount of $500. Sorry, no cats. 


Do I need a generator or solar panel?   If you are in a campsite with no hookups a power source will be required.  This can be one of three options. 

  1. Solar panel only which is great at keeping the units batteries charged during the day when weather is sunny.  This is typically enough power to keep the basics in the unit functioning such as lights, fridge, water pump etc.  We do recommend that you keep an eye on your power supply and conserve when possible.  With a bit of common sense this is usually enough to keep you comfortable. However you have no way to power the unit at night if for some reason the batteries die while its night time. Also strictly using the solar panel will never run the air conditioner, microwave, tv, or household plugs.  This is just how the units are designed.

  2. Generator only, enough power to run the entire unit including your household plugs, air conditioner, microwave and it will also charge your batteries.  The downside here is that you will listen to the generator run and have to fill the gas tank occasionally.  We use a general rule of thumb of 1 gallon per hour of run time.  We typically provide the generators full and a 5 gallon gas can with fuel.  Any fuel used out of the backup gas can must be replaced or will be charged against security deposit at an upcharge. Any fuel used is $10 per gallon

  3. Your ideal solution is to have both a generator and a solar panel as this eliminates the need to run the generator as often which conserves fuel and noise pollution.  But the generator is there in the event of low batteries after dark, and can power all appliances in the unit. We offer a discount for this option.

What does the unit come stocked with?  We provide the unit with cups, plates, bowls, silverware, a roll of paper towels, a supply of toilet paper, and typically linens for one main bed. We provide an entry way mat and all hoses and cords for power hookups.  Pots, pans and heavier duty cookware, and coffee makers, are not included in the unit. 

Does the rental include propane?  All of our rentals include 5 gallons or more of propane. Typically this is plenty for most rentals under 5 nights.  Renters are responsible for any refills necessary during their stay over the initial provided amount.  There is no charge for any propane used in the unit it is included in your stay.

Do your units have awnings and shade?  Yes all of our units have awnings and their is no charge for their use.  Most are electric powered and very easy to use.  Renters are responsible for any damage that may occur during their stay we recommend that you make sure the awning is in the retracted position when asleep, away from the unit or if there is any weather event including rain, wind, and snow.

Do you deliver to_________?  Most of the time the answer is yes we do.  We have set prices for almost all campgrounds in the Tahoe Basin available for viewing while making a reservation. These prices include delivery, setup, orientation, hooking up to all available utilities, and retrieval.  We are happy to get custom pricing for you on any locations that may not be listed.

I don’t have a sewage hookup (full hookup) site, what do I do about waste water?  All of our units have holding tanks of varying sizes. Typically with some basic management and light use they are large enough to get through most stays.  We will show you how to check levels during your stay to eliminate problems. We recommend that you use the campground facilities for showers and restrooms when possible to eliviate stress on the tanks. 


My site length is smaller than the unit that is available can you make it fit?  We do recommend that you try to keep the unit size within the regulations of the campground. However we find that most campgrounds do have a small amount of extra space in the campsites making it sometimes possible to get a slightly larger unit into the sites. i.e. typically we can get a 26’ unit in a 25’ site. Keep in mind every campground and site is different.  It is the renters responsibility to ensure the unit they rent can be accommodated by the campsite.

Is there availability for _______ dates?  It is easy to check the availability during the dates of your stay.  Click “view availability and reserve” anywhere on the site and select your dates.  Follow the prompts and it will tell you exactly what we have available along with pricing.  Just move forward to make a booking. In some cases with busy dates we can make adjustments