Don't worry about having to drag your bicycles up to Tahoe? Let us provide one for you to make your vacation even better with easier access to the beaches, trails and that quick trip to grab lunch or a drink! Each bike inlcudes a comfortable seat and a lock.


We have a limited availability, if you would like to rent an E-Bike please email us at info@tahoervrentals.com 

$50 per day for the duration of your rental. 



Tahoe RV Rentals


We offer power units to run your RV, travel trailer or campsite.  We offer quiet fuel efficient units with power to run your AC, microwave, charge your batteries, run your hairdryers and curling irons as well as charge cell phones and laptops.


2800 watt or larger generator - $25/night - each unit will come with a full tank of gas.  Extra fuel is available upon request.  We recommend you figure 1 gallon of fuel per hour of generator run time and running the generator at least 2 hours before evening hours.


Tip pair with solar for package price of $35/night - This is your ideal power solution giving you the best of both worlds.  No listening to generators unless they absolutely necessary and less or no need to refuel during your stay.


Please call for help with choosing power sources we will be glad to help!

Tahoe RV Rentals

Solar Panels

Don't have hookups for your stay?  Solar Panels are a great solution to keeping your batteries charged and ensuring that the lights will stay on and the heater will run! Also a noiseless solution to keep neighbor campers happy.


100 watt solar panels  $15/day will charge the batteries on the unit throughout the day and ready to keep the lights on through the night when power is used sparingly.


Pair with a generator $35/night - in case of lack of sunlight or excessive use of the batteries a generator is a reliable source of power.


Please call with questions we would be happy to suggest the perfect solution for you!